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so happy i could die

baby loves to dance in the dark

Texas (thanks, Idina ;)
4 July
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Friends call me 'B'

I am:

simple yet complex
happy yet depressed
sweet yet vicious
ambitious yet procrastinator

in short: All of the above ;)

To know me is to love me. To cross me is to fear me.

To know more, you'll have to read my journal. It's friends only, but soley to keep specific people out. Once we become friendly, I am generally an open book. I've had an LJ for several years now, but kinda neglected it for my greatest journal. I feel like I'm going through a transition period in my life at the moment, so a new journal was fitting.

loves: Texas*San Antonio Spurs*Dallas Cowboys*musical theatre*New York City*all things Wicked*RENT*music

Manu Ginobili - The Man

Kristin Chenoweth - Diva and Goddess